BuzzFeed Food : This Adorable Chef Will Make You Want To Go Vegan AND Zero Waste

We all have the capacity within ourselves to create change, if we desire to change.  

We are constantly evolving and growing every moment of our lives.  When I meet someone who is closed off and not interested in wanting or naturally evolving to be a better person - I find it disruptive for humanity, for our world and especially, you!  Everyone around you, the trees, the animals, the water in the ocean - everything is constantly changing - it is finding that space within yourself to allow it to just flow...

Very happy and proud to share this interview with you from BuzzFeed Food - I hope you enjoy it as well and if you feel inspired, please share this video with others! 

I had a lot of fun with the creators of BuzzFeed making this interview.  We went all over the city; from the farmer's market - back to my apartment in Brooklyn to create a zero waste vegan lunch.

Until next time...