My Story of Pumpkin Fettuccine, Buon Appetito!

For all of us to get on the same page here - I grew up making pasta from scratch, but it has been some time for me to actually perform this act.  Nowadays, we have the convenience of pre-made pasta at our disposal, though I would never ever consume pre-made pasta sauce (that shit is gross) - to pair this beautiful pumpkin fettuccine I made a creamy brown butter sage sauce with mushrooms and a garlic breadcrumb for that added texture and crunch!

Making pasta from scratch can be fairly simple though it does take a bit of patience (let that be a reminder). After leaving my parents home 8 years ago the access of homemade pasta was no longer in reach and now I had to allow myself the confidence and patience to make pasta for myself and those who were around. Damn, was it hard at first, but after connecting with your ingredients and having one or two or maybe three mess ups was I then able to really nail it.  Even to this day, I am playing and altering the ingredients and prep to making pasta differently overtime.  I guarantee you'll have fun making pasta from scratch - you may even cry from frustration or tears of joy will flow down your face because you DID it! See you later pre-made boxed spaghetti.

This day where I made pumpkin fettuccine was a special day for me because I had a friend I hadn't seen in years come into the city and photograph my food.  If you don't know who I am you'll get to know me more and the food I make, but when I cook the kitchen space I am in is the complete opposite of what you may think a kitchen would be - loud, unhappy, complete disarray; well, actually like I said it's the complete opposite.  When I am cooking it's a lot of fun to be in the kitchen or in close proximity - I love dancing, listening to good music and sharing a couple bellyful laughs! I may even have you jump back with me in the kitchen and taste the food throughout the process of cooking.

Early in the morning, I went to the farmer's market in search for a beautiful pumpkin.  After finding the perfect Cucurbita pepo (a.k.a. pumpkin), the farmer asked me "what are you going to do with the pumpkin?" - my response "FETTUCCINE!" in my semi-decent Italian accent. The farmer looked puzzled as he turned his head sideways, but I corrected myself and told him I would roast the pumpkin, of course. Next, I scooped out the insides and mashed and pureed into a nice smooth cream with a bit of extra virgin olive oil.  Adding this smooth puree to the flour and water would begin my process of making the fettuccine.  

I am going to tell you now how shocked and impressed I was in this process - the pumpkin fettuccine legitimately tasted like pumpkin.  No added flavors, no artificial ingredients, no GMO was going to take away that fresh and real flavor from me.  The simplicity of having REAL ingredients will produce REAL flavor and happiness in every bite -your stomach will thank you! I always look forward to the next moment I have to make pasta. I wonder what pasta I am going to make next?

pumpkin fettuccine had me salvating