Earth Day Network Q&A with Max La Manna

When Earth Day Network reached out to me I was more then thrilled to be featured on their website and blog.  To me, Earth Day is EVERYDAY - not because I live a complete low impact, no waste lifestyle, but because I care for the Earth.  This journey we call life, is temporary and before you know it - it's over and life goes on! 

This isn't meant to be a sad moment - this should be a celebratory moment for all of us because we are one of the very few who come into existence and live in a human form.  

What you do today in this very moment is your opportunity to choose, to choose how you want to live, to live in your truest identity.

Ever since I was a child, I always thought to myself that Earth Day was everyday, but we as a society celebrate Earth Day once a year, which is just pure stupidity.  

I propose we start by celebrating Earth Days in each month- moments where Earth Day, just how we celebrate it once a year, to be celebrated once a month and we start here and see what happens... Who's with me? 

We don't need a calendar that tell us what today is - let's live today with pure happiness and respect for our planet.

 Respect where we come from and we end up respecting ourselves too.

I hope you enjoy this Q&A interview with Earth Day Network