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"I wanted to make a stand, and if i can lead by example then I can inspire others to change."


It starts with you...

I've made small changes everyday that has allowed me to live a life of no-waste.  I can even hear my mother telling me as a child "DO NOT LITTER" and then seeing the trash and pollution in our streets, or when we as a family went for hikes and even by the ocean - there was ALWAYS plastic - it wasn't a difficult decision to say "NO MORE PLASTIC" - I just wish I decided to make this choice sooner.

Our future depends on the choices we make in this moment.  We can be the change that everyone has ever talked about.  

There is no planet B...

There are more and more non-plastic alternatives popping up everyday.  Which makes it easier for someone to adopt a life of NO WASTE.  Let us go back to the time where we lived a life full of purpose and a life of repurposing what we use and consume everyday of our lives.  It's not too late to START NOW- what are you waiting for? Consider this your wake-up call!

We have the power to chose what we want in our lives.  Yes, it can be a challenge in the beginning if you are not accustomed to this way of life.  Trust me, once you make small change everyday it will become easier and easier - and then others will say "how did you do it?


Vegan is the future...

Just consider this for a moment - a world where we have cleaner air, the oceans were clear and thriving full of marine life, our food was nourishing and plentiful and we all got along with each other - dare I say it? World Peace! Yes, this is a vision of mine and I wholeheartedly see this coming to fruition.  Are you with us?


Ways to save your food, shopping sustainably & locally, while creating a zero waste living space.


Being Mindful

Do you ever wonder what happens to the trash you "throw away"? Where exactly is "away"? Take the moment to really think about it...The majority of our trash ends up in the ocean and making it's way back into the food chain.  

DID YOU KNOW? The number one occupant in American landfills is wasted food - roughly 50% of what we produce is thrown away annually. 

Are you with us to make one change today?

 Ditch the plastic and start reusing...

Ditch the plastic and start reusing...

Reduce & Reuse

We all can be a bit more mindful of how we use the things we use.  Eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year, killing marine life and entering the human food chain.  Time to make a change now.  

 Shop for bulk ingredients that require no packaging...

Shop for bulk ingredients that require no packaging...

Sustainable & Compost

Shopping for ingredients that require no packaging is one way to keep plastic packaging out of landfills and our oceans.  Composting would only reduce our waste from landfills and would help the soil reproduce more rich nutrient produce - do you compost?

 Adopt a plant-based lifestyle...

Adopt a plant-based lifestyle...

Plant-Based Lifestyle

Eating a plant-based or vegan lifestyle has many benefits not only for your health, but also puts less strain on our environment and saves lives of innocent animals.

Zero Waste Vegan Chef Max La Manna


We all have the capacity within ourselves to change...

We are living in a world where we are consuming products that not only do harm to ourselves and to our health, but to the environment and to future children.  Adopting a plant-based lifestyle six years ago was single handedly the best decision I made for my health and for the impact of the environment.

If we make small changes today, we then can impact our future for a better tomorrow.  Eating less animal products - EAT MORE PLANTS, consume less plastic products - BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER, stop throwing food scraps into the garbage - COMPOST!

Making small changes today will lead to a bigger impact!  

Join the movement with me and see how simple  and easy it can be!

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