Taco Tuesday is Everyday In My Book

I declare tacos to be eaten everyday - and if you make these tortillas at home this will change the way to look at tacos or borritos, FOREVER!

I grew up in a mostly dominated Latin neighborhood as a kid and then moving to NYC I also had the chance to live again in a dominated Latin section of Manhattan.  Every weekend you could smell in the distance the lovely aromas of peppers and onions sizzling on a open fire and being curious I would wander in front of their house and poke my head to see what they were making in the backyard.  I was, for the most part, kindly invited in and had the opportunity to learn how to make real authentic Latin food.

Again, still curious of the culture, the food, the music; I submerged myself in with the rest of them and learned how to dance bachata and salsa at the age of 12 ( I can say now, I am pretty good at it). My neighbor, the older Puerto Rican abuela was sitting at a round table off to side with her other friends mixing a bowl of flour and water.  Being too afraid to go over and seeing the process of what I later found out was the beginning stages of making fresh tortillas.  I've never had fresh tortillas like this before and this really messed me up because later moving away I had to learn how to make my own tortillas without the help of my neighbor and to discover Latin music on my own.

Let's get right to it and make these tortillas - what do you say?

These tortillas are VEGAN too (duh!)

  • 3 cups of AP flour (All-Purpose flour)
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder (optional)
  • 1 tsp of sea salt ( preferably, pink himalayan sea salt)
  • 1/3 cup EVOO (or avocado oil)
  • 1 cup warm water

Mix your dry ingredient together first, at this point in time you may want to turn on some music and start dancing as well, get into the groove with your tortillas! Add your water in next and begin mixing with your hands and then you can drop in your EVOO - mix well with your hands, really feel it - you are almost massaging the water and flour mixture together evenly.  Once, there is no more flour sitting at the base of your bowl, sprinkling a bit more flour on the top of your ball of dough and begin to knead -really getting into it now and probably are feeling the tunes to the music you're playing as well - don't be shy; dance it out!  Roll that dough into a lovely ball and let it sit in your bowl and cover with a cloth and lid - capturing the warmth and love you put into your food and let it sit up to an hour.  

When it's time, uncover your bowl and take out your dough.  Cut off a piece ( shouldn't be no bigger than the size of your palm.  Flour your surface and begin to press gently into the dough, occasionally flipping it over and pressing into it softly.  Next, you'll begin to roll - take out your rolling pin and with pressure evenly roll your dough out.  Do this slow, but not heavy pressure either -remember to take your time- patience is a virtue and your tortillas will thank you later.  You don't want to have uneven patches with your tortilla*

Once you have a thin, but evenly distributed piece of dough, you can turn on your burner on low heat and place the tortilla directly on top of your burner (BE CAREFUL, you don't want to get burned) AND if you like you can always do this in a pan or skillet.  Occasionally, flipping until the tortilla starts to show that it is cooked and have a bit of char ( thats for added flavor).  Congratulations, you've just made fresh homemade tortillas - WARNING * the next part is probably the most difficult part of this process - not wanting to eat it right away because it looks and smells so good! Okay, go ahead and eat it, why not?! Continue this process and your stomach and friends stomachs will thank you for treating them to fresh soft and warm tortillas.

Remember, if you enjoy this recipe and like what you've made - please go ahead and share with others and tag me in your posts on social media!

Bon Provecho!

Adios, amigos! 


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