Empty Your Fridge - Stir Fry!

Have you ever looked in your fridge or pantry and feel that you have nothing and you might need to go to the store or farmers market to stock up? Well, I guarantee that you don't need to do that.   To be honest, it was quite fun looking into my fridge and pantry and seeing what I had and making something out of nothing.  

As long as you have rice or quinoa and a variety of vegetables and soy sauce then you are GOOD TO GO!  

I had a bunch of jasmine rice ( 1 cup ) that I ended up steaming and adding a tablespoon of coconut oil, black pepper and turmeric too.  Grating a bit of ginger, chopping up some garlic and onions - I tossed this mix into a frying pan of sesame oil.  Next, you add those forgotten veggies that you thought were of no use.  

My fridge had a squash, orange pepper, jalapeno and an avocado - WHY NOT? Let's fry it up!

Tossing in the mixture of squash, pepper and jalapeño was genius - the heat from the jalapeño wasn't too intense and was just the right amount of heat.  I actually thought my head as going to blow up from the heat of a jalapeño.  Adding a bit of soy sauce to the pan - let that all mix well together! Next, you can add your rice mixture to the pan.

I brought the veggies to one side of the pan and the rice to the other side and let the rice fry and get a bit crispy.  You can even take the veggies out of the pan if you like then add in later after your rice gets a bit of the crispy and crunchy texture your heart desires.

At this point, you are probably hungry (like me, right now as I write this) open up that avocado and hopefully you have succeeded in having a perfectly ripe avocado!  Slicing one half of the avocado to your stir fry and perhaps you want to zest a bit of lemon and lime too.

I hope this dish brings you a lot of joy and a happy stomach! You really can't go wrong!