If You Haven't Had Overnight Oats Before Then You Are Missing Out

Many of you have asked me the same old question time in and time out and I wanted to now answer it for you - "what do you have for breakfast?" 

Now, for me I grew up being told that breakfast is the most meal of the day - well, some of you may still think this - I have grown and dispatched myself from this theory.  For most of the week, (5 days a week, almost leaning to 7 days) I will practice intermittent fasting.  This is when you fast a majority of your day and when you have your first meal it is typically later in the day and by doing this I feel that I have more energy for the day.  I give my stomach and other organs a break from always constantly working and digesting food.  I am not a doctor, but I know that this has been beneficial for me, so if you feel that you wanted to give this a try - I would see a doctor or physician or research before doing so!

Occasionally, I will have breakfast and my favorite breakfast for me is a big bowl of oats.  It's been a process for me to love oats as much as I do now.  My father would always give me oats when I was in high school as my breakfast - he said it would give me energy, and strength for the entire day.  I do believe this.  Oats are full of fiber and good source of protein. 

One day while I was living in Los Angeles, I went to a friends birthday party and the next morning she served everyone overnight oats.  I had never heard about overnight oats before and when she told me that by soaking oats overnight the oats will be "activated" hence receiving more nutrition from the oats through this process.  Since, that morning I have always cooked my oats differently.  

If you haven't had oats like this before I highly recommend giving them a try - here is the way I would soak my oats:

  • In a bowl or mason jar - 3/4 cup of oats -pour your favorite nut milk into the bowl lightly covering the oats - and cover and let them do their magic! In the next morning, you will see that your oats have expanded in size and there might be a bit of milk leftover.  Heat up a sauce pan (if you wish to have warm oats, otherwise eat them cold) add your oats, keep the heat on low - and stir in 1tbsp of coconut oil - continue to stir and add a pinch of pink himalayan sea salt and stir again.  Add 1 tbsp of chia seeds and stir again until mixed well and turn heat off and remove.  
  • Now, you have the option to add your favorite nuts, seeds, granola, fruit and even yogurt.
  • Be creative with your overnight oats! 

Enjoy! Now, you know what I eat for breakfast!