Michael's Testimonial 11/24 - Private Dinner

"Max's intent and thoughtfulness in preparing a blindfolded dinner awakened my senses and forced me to relay on my sense of taste. I was really impressed with the balance of flavors in the sweet potato cracker with golden beet chutney.  The watermelon gazpacho was refreshing surprise of sweet colonies and rich herbal aroma.  I loved playfulness on the Corn on Corn on Corn dish despite the blindfold I wanted to see how Max deconstructed and then reconstructed the delicious tastes. The pumpkin noodle with mushroom broth was probably my favorite dish of the evening.  The mushroom broth had an umami of rich aroma that had me soaking up every last drop in the bowl.  The final course of pumpkin ravioli with sage pesto filled my palate with rich flavors of the autumn harvest and tied together with a fresh nutty sauce.  The meal dazzled my senses and can't wait to see what Max creates next!"

Max La MannaComment